Sex Video Games

Other than the millions of live sex videos you can find online, there are equally thousands of sex video games that punters can play. In recent years, sex games have grown in popularity, especially now that they can play high definition games on their phones.

Virtual reality sex is picking up, and nothing is more immersive as making characters in a game fuck each on your command.

Saviour Sex Video Games

In some games, you (taking the lead role) are tasked with rescuing a damsel in distress. You have to navigate treacherous monsters and evil men that have kidnapped the girl and are using her as a sex slave.

Jumping around, using swords, magic and guns facing mini-challenges makes grow stronger and loving towards the damsel. The reward is saving the lady and taking her into your bedchamber to fuck her the rest of your lives.

During the mini-challenges, you get to fuck the hookers you save, and the reward is some crazy romp.

Call Of Booty

Just like the famous call of the duty video game, there’s an adult version where the role of the lead character is to shoot and kill everyone within his vicinity. However, the twist is, everyone in the game is stark naked.

With nothing to cover yourself with and will big booties and titties walking down your killing path, will you kill these women or want to fuck them? Playing the game is the only way to find out!

Party Themed Games

Numerous video games are party themed. You get an invitation to go to a secret mansion and get to fuck anyone you fall hard for, the catch is, there are monsters and other animals that want to fuck and get fucked. You have to kill them or devoured by them.

The more you slay the monsters, the more patrons attending the party are drawn to you. To enjoy a proper fuck fest, you will have to kill many monsters, are you up for the challenge?

The Grand Fuck Auto

Just like its namesake, in this adult version, you will run around the game and whatever that pleases you. Shooting the police, bad guys, stealing and smashing cars and causing chaos is the order in this game, however, now you can engage in sexual activity with anyone you please.

Apart from the whores walking up and down the streets, you can also bend over the characters in the game. If you join a multiplayer platform, you can also have virtual sex with the people you’re playing with/against! After achieving an organism, you can shoot them and move on to the next bait!

Batman Sex

Other than being the vigilante Gotham needs, the dark knight not only fights crime, he gets rewarded after saving damsels in distress. You can beat up someone into a pulp and still have sensual sex with them.

You can also follow the joker, and choose whether you want to kill him or make love to him, the choice is yours!

There are many more sex video games in the offing; you have to choose the one that piques your interest!

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